On-Demand Delivery for GM’s Maven

It was just over a month ago that ZIRX announced ZIRX Mobility Services; our new full-service platform that empowers auto manufacturers, dealerships and fleet owners to provide unique customer experiences and manage back-end operations more efficiently. Since then, we’ve been working around-the-clock with flagship customers like BAMA Leasing, Openbay and many others. We’ve also been […]

ZIRX Mobility Services

The way the world moves is undergoing a fundamental shift as the density of urban areas increases and consumer attitudes and priorities change. The future of mobility is still being defined, but it will be accompanied by enhanced services and flexible ownership models, as connected and autonomous cars become more prevalent. To that end, we’re […]

On-demand parking service closing on February 29th, 2016

We started ZIRX with an aim to make car ownership and parking way better. Over the past year, we’ve parked hundreds of thousands of cars and have also built a successful enterprise business that’s growing quickly. We’ve learned a lot, but three things in particular stand out: Consumer on-demand parking, while one of those novel, […]

Surge Pricing

Today, ZIRX is joining many of our peers in the on-demand space, including Uber, Lyft, and Postmates, by adding surge pricing to our service.  Daily customers will begin to see temporary price increases based on high demand.  Surge pricing will apply only when customers park their car, not when they get it back (even if surge pricing […]

ZIRX Snags a Trio of Googlers

It’s an exciting time at ZIRX as everyday we’re helping more and more people across the country park and service their cars. We recently announced DropSpots, expanded into new services like Smog checks, and added navigation to the app. We feel incredibly fortunate to announce that we have recently had three ex-Googlers join our small-but-growing […]

Introducing One-Tap Navigation and New Monthly Passes

Today we updated our iOS app, taking us one step further towards providing an excellent experience for all our customers.   We’re making it easier than ever to get to your parking spot. Due to popular request, once you’ve confirmed your drop-off location in the app, it’s only one tap to navigate there with Apple Maps. Similar integrations […]

Introducing a new feature: Tipping

We are very excited to launch a new feature in our app: tipping. We’ve had many customers asking for this since day one and have many customers currently leaving cash tips for their Agents. As a company that believes in cashless and ticketless transactions, we wanted to make it a seamless part of the ZIRX experience […]

ZIRX Explores New Partnerships and a Future Beyond Parking

  The on-demand economy is seeing huge change. What started as a way to simplify how we deliver and consume services, on-demand companies have now become a major part of how we work and play. It’s not just about consumers anymore, as on-demand services become increasingly popular, we’re seeing traditional companies and businesses come together […]

Commonalities Of Great Companies

We are admirers of great companies. Companies that have rebuilt industries and invented new products. At ZIRX we see commonalities in great companies: they are able to control specific elements of their products. Take Amazon. Amazon’s secret-sauce is its distribution centers. It’s the reason why it can offer same day delivery and have 99% reliability […]

ZIRX Takes Manhattan

After a successful launch in Brooklyn in June, we are thrilled to announce that ZIRX is ready to park cars starting today in the Big Apple! With world class entertainment, restaurants and tourist destinations, Manhattan truly is the city that never sleeps. And with more than 4 million people and hundreds of thousands of cars […]